I invested $50,000 with Milo Yiannopoulos in September 2019 to put on an event in December 2019. The event never happened. The event never got close to happening.

Due to continued delays and Milo flaking on things he said he would do, at the beginning of January, I told him we had to end the project, and to please send me my money back. He said he would have the money to me in a matter of days.

He didn't send the money nor did he follow up.

I got back in touch with him to ask for an update. He told me would send the money soon. Once again, he did not send the money, nor did he follow up with me.

This pattern has repeated itself many times.

Our contract obligated him to pay me back within a month of me requesting.

I told Milo that if there is an issue, I can work with him, and be flexible, but at the least to please stop telling me he would pay me on a date, and then not paying me, and then not getting in touch with me.

At the beginning of March, Milo told me he would start payments beginning in a week or two. Since then, he paid me $0, didn't follow up with me, and ignored an email from me asking for clarification.

It is now the beginning of April and he has returned $0 to me. More details to follow.

UPDATE 1: May. Milo again told me he would come up with a payment plan and did not. He then told my lawyer he would come up with a payment plan and did not.

UPDATE 2: Professor Rachel Fulton Brown of University of Chicago used to exhort people to fund and support Milo. I explained to her that Milo is defrauding me of $50,000. She told me that she is "hopeful" we can work this out and "encouraged" me to stay touch with him. It seems that as of mid-June she is due to appear on Milo's video program.

UPDATE 3: December 2020 - Now a court ordered judgment for Milo to pay me $50,000+. He told me again he would begin payments. Then he didn't send me any money. He has not responded to me for weeks now.

Daniel Ashman

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March 31st 2020

June 14th 2020